A Survey on Mobile Cloud Computing with Embedded Security Considerations

Waziri Onomza Victor, Joshua Abah, Olumide Sunday Adewale, Muhammad Bashir Abdullahi, Arthur Ume


The emergence of cloud computing hold a promise to computing where software is provided as a services (SaaS) via the Internet. Mobile cloud computing integrates cloud computing with mobile devices. By this architecture, certain challenges (e.g., battery life, storage, and bandwidth) of mobile devices are addressed. Cloud computing provides the foundation for mobile cloud computing through the delivery of services, software, storage and computational capacity over the Internet, thereby reducing cost, increasing storage, improving battery life of mobile devices and providing flexibility and mobility of data and information. However, the realization of some of these benefits is far from reality in mobile applications, as a result, opens new areas of research such as security of privacy and services. To better understand how to facilitate the development of mobile cloud computing, we surveyed existing work in mobile cloud computing in the context and principles of its foundational cloud computing technology. We provided a definition of mobile cloud computing and gave a summary of results from this review, in particular, the models, architecture, applications and challenges of mobile cloud computing. We concluded with recommendations for how this better understanding of mobile cloud computing can assist in the development of better and stronger mobile applications.

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