Minimization of Delay for Query Processing in Peer to Peer Networks

U. V.Arivazhagu, Dr. S.Srinivasan


Most of the research has been concentrated on sharing of files in Peer to Peer System .Our framework avoids the centralized structure of database management system and proposed the use of decentralized nature in a network. In the existing system, searching of neighbouring nodes is complex and provide more delay in communication of queries with no updation of mapping tables.This paper explains about the topological discovery of peers and creation of the acquaintances and mapping tables.Our objective is to implements a new environment in database by Query Processing system and explains how the execution and updation of query can be done in all the peers. In this paper, it deals with the effective query processing done with all the peers with respect to CPU execution time, creating an acquaintance, mapping tables with no communication delay in a large peer to peer system.

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