A Review on Efficient Virtual Machine Live Migration: Challenges, requirements and technology of VM migration in cloud

Sangeeta Sharma, Meenu Chawla


With the rise of cloud computing technology, various multimedia-driven applications in the domain of education, healthcare and surveillance are being developed and extensively used. Deployment of these applications leads to the significant multimedia-content traffic load, increased demand of resources, and failovers. Towards these issues, this paper presents a virtualized solution by means of virtual machine live migration approach to enhance availability, resource management, power management, and fault-tolerance. This paper focus on the challenges, requirements, and current work to identify the impact of virtual machine live migration in cloud environment to serve the modern datacenters with highly increasing needs.

This paper describes various virtual machine live migration techniques and group different methods based on their techniques. It shows the effect of various techniques towards the goal of efficient virtual machine live migration. Finally, paper is concluded with some open research issues and presents future work related to it.

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