COBE Framework: Cloud Ontology Blackboard Environment for Enhancing Discovery Behavior

Ahmed Ghoneim, Amr Tolba


The new relatively concept of cloud computing & its associated methodologies has many advantages in the world of today. Such advantages range between providing solutions for integration of the miscellaneous systems & presenting as well guarantees for distribution of searching means & integration of software tools which are used by consumers & different providers. In this paper, we have constructed an ontology-based cloud framework with a view to identifying its external agent’s interoperability. The proposed framework has been designed using the blackboard design style. This framework is composed of mainly two components: controller and cloud ontology blackboard environment. The function of the controller is to interact with consumers after receipt of the subject request where it spontaneously uses the ontology base to distribute it & constitute the required related responses whereas the function of the second framework component is to interact with different cloud providers and systems, using the metaontology framework to restructure data via using AI reasoning tools and map them to its corresponding redistributed request. Finally, E-tourism case study can be applicable will be explored.

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