Ensuring Data Security And Privacy In Cloud Computing Through Transparency as Service Model

Ahmad Afzaal, Abbas Younis, Kamran Komal, Zafar Amina, Yasir Nida


Cloud Computing is hot technology in computer world today. Its getting popular because its inexpensive, provides on demand access when and where needed. It also removes technical staff requirements for maintaining the infrastructure because that is done on the provider side thus significantly reducing organizational costs. It also provides opportunity for scientists to use powerful computing resources for research purposes which are very expensive on rent bases which they normally would not have been able to use due to cost factors.But with these features it has certain problems that discredit the service one of major problems is Data Security and Privacy.Since the only party that has physical access to data storage is provider and to keep track of where data is stored for certain users the providers keep meta-data in their own databases it creates a security and data privacy issue.If meta-data is compromised than unauthorized access to user data is possible.This paper proposes a Transparency Service Model to insure security and privacy of the user data.

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