A Proposed Energy Efficient with Balanced Resources Approach for the Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Environment

Rajeev Kumar Gupta, R. K. Pateriya


Compared to traditional distributed computing paradigms, resource utilization with proper resource balancing is more challenging task in the cloud computing environment, because of the dynamic nature of the resources. Resources utilization can be increase by the virtualization. For the efficient utilization of the physical resources, VM should be placed on to the suitable host. VM placement is the process to select the appropriate host for the given VM. Resource utilization can be increased and power consume by the data centers can be reduced by the efficient VM placement algorithm. One of the major concerns for cloud providers is how to place virtual machine on physical machine to improve resource utilization and reduce energy consumption Numbers of virtual machine placements algorithms have been proposed that run under cloud computing environment. Main goal of these algorithms are either to save energy by shutting down some severs or maximizing the resources utilization, but none of them considered both. In this paper we proposed a method for the VM placement that increased the resources utilization with the resource balancing and reduced the power consumed by the data centers.

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