Empirical Study on Cloud Computing as a Solution for Low Utilization of Computing Resources

Anuradha Thilakarathne, Janaka I Wijayanayake


This paper examines the effectiveness of adapting a cloud computing model to overcome the under utilization of computing resources within business organizations. The overall analysis of this study is based on data collected from an experiment conducted with the implementation of a cloud computing environment at Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka. Further, a questionnaire survey was conducted to find the impact of the overall cloud computing model towards the business as perceived by the employees within the organization. Data on storage capacity usage, network connectivity, processor usage and memory usage before and after cloud computing environment implementation were collected over a period of two weeks. Data analysis indicates that there is a drastic improvement of the overall performance in computing resources such as storage, network and CPU and memory usage. Further, data collected from questionnaire showed that user felt the real improvement of performance of the systems in the cloud environment.

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