Dynamic Resource Provisioning in Cloud based on Queuing Model

Sandeep K. Sood


One of the main aim of cloud computing is to provide bigger data center that will carter the storage needs of end user. In a data centre, server clusters are used to provide the required processing capability to get acceptable response time for interactive applications. Managing many applications on consolidated resources is difficult and complex. Deadlock can occur which effects all other running applications. In this paper, an interactive system based on queuing model is presented in which the cloud customer (CC) initially establishes the session to access the resources. The proposed model uses banker‟s algorithm for resource allocation due to which deadlock for resource allocation among various processes is not possible. Moreover, by putting restriction on number of login users, resources are not choked out even in case of heavy demand of resources. The concept of resource allocation matrix helps the cloud service provider to predict the resource requirements in advance. Resources are dynamically allocated according to the requirements of the user. The results obtained are accurate in terms of predicting the minimum number of processor nodes required to meet the performance goal of an interaction application.

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