Service Support Aware Resource Allocation Policy for Enterprise Cloud-based Systems

Rabi Prasad Padhy, Manas Ranjan Patra


Cloud Services can save business time, resources, money and it‘s the ultimate solution for solving challenges in the traditional software sales model. However, cloud computing must be advanced to focus on resource utilization and resource management. The use of cloud based services allows consumers to allocate resources on-demand and to pay only for the resources they actually use. Considering a scenario in which cloud service providers stipulate on service support level i.e. Type of support (platinum, gold, silver and bronze) with end-users and lease cloud services in a way that guarantees SLA fulfillment, minimize operational costs and maximize the profit. So in this case allocating resources dynamically in the form of virtual machines to end users directly depends on the parameter ‗type of support‘ a cloud consumer subscribes. In this research paper we proposed resource allocation algorithms for cloud providers. Our proposed policy engine designed in such a way that it ensure user request type which takes into account that the provider has to fulfill the Service Support Level criteria while minimizing the resources outsourced from the cloud infrastructure using resource allocation algorithms.

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