Cloud Computing Effectiveness Assessment

Serdar Yarlikas, Semih Bilgen


The first problem tackled in this study is identification of variables that effect cloud computing effectiveness. Besides, proposing an appropriate method for assessing effectiveness in terms of the variables identified is the second problem of this study. To solve these problems, we apply a four sequential step based approach (literature review-preliminary survey-cloud survey-qualitative exploratory case studies). In the research that led to the final model, after a detailed literature review, a large number of experts were interviewed and questionnaires were applied to construct the initial model. By applying factor and cluster analysis to the results of a cloud survey, the model was updated. Then, four qualitative exploratory case studies were carried out to finalize and validate the model. At the end of the study, we present a comprehensive model for cloud computing effectiveness assessment. The model consists of technical, organizational, economical and external dimensions and addresses providers of various levels of cloud computing service as well as users. Independent and dependent variables of effectiveness are identified. Generic measures of each of the four dimensions of the model are presented in the form of footprint diagrams.

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