BFTDT: Byzantine Fault Tolerance tryout for Dependable Transactions in Cloud

Gayathri. S, Prasath. T, Jamuna. P


Cloud Web Services (CWS) is the technology used for business collaboration and integration among the web users. The Web Services Atomic Transactions (WS-AT) have been used for the trusted distributed transaction processing over the web. The WS-AT in the distributed sense has byzantine faults to overcome that Byzantine Faults Techniques (BFT) is used. The reliable coordinator provides the services that are Coordination services, Activation services, Registration Services and Completion services which make the transaction effective and reliable. In the trusted environment, to evade congestion of the resources, fair share bandwidth allocation scheme is used to allocate separate bandwidth for each web users and the transaction is processed Coordinator server and the Transaction Processing Monitor (TPM). The WS-AT for business applications analysis shows the high degree of dependability, security, trust, fault tolerance and fairness of the resources in the trusted environment.

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