Cluster as a Service for Disaster Recovery in Intercloud Systems: Design and Modeling

Mohammad Ali Khoshkholghi, Azizol Abdullah, Rohaya Latip, Shamala Subramaniam, Mohamed Othman


Nowadays, all modern IT technologies aim to create dynamic and flexible environments. For this reason, InterCloud has been designed to provide a vast and flexible virtualized environment in which many clouds can interact with one another in a dynamic way. Disaster recovery is one of the main applications of InterCloud which can be supported by Cluster as a Service. However, the previous studies addressed disaster recovery and Cluster as a Service separately. In addition, system backup and disaster recovery methods are not sufficiently effective in InterCloud. In this paper, we propose an InterCloud system which integrates both Cluster as a Service and disaster recovery in a harmonious manner. Also, we present a heuristic approach to select the best locations for system backup and disaster recovery in InterCloud systems. Finally, the proposed system is modeled and analyzed using Continuous-time Markov chains.

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