Energy Consumption in Cloud Computing Data Centers

Awada Uchechukwu, Keqiu Li, Yanming Shen


The implementation of cloud computing has attracted computing as a utility and enables penetrative applications from scientific, consumer and business domains. However, this implementation faces tremendous energy consumption, carbon dioxide emission and associated costs concerns. With energy consumption becoming key issue for the operation and maintenance of cloud datacenters, cloud computing providers are becoming profoundly concerned. In this paper, we present formulations and solutions for Green Cloud Environments (GCE) to minimize its environmental impact and energy consumption under new models by considering static and dynamic portions of cloud components. Our proposed methodology captures cloud computing data centers and presents a generic model for them. To implement this objective, an in-depth knowledge of energy consumption patterns in cloud environment is necessary. We investigate energy consumption patterns and show that by applying suitable optimization policies directed through our energy consumption models, it is possible to save 20% of energy consumption in cloud data centers. Our research results can be integrated into cloud computing systems to monitor energy consumption and support static and dynamic system level optimization.

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