TMR-MCDB: Enhancing Security in a Multi-cloud Model through Improvement of Service Dependability

Mohammed A. AlZain, Ben Soh, Eric Pardede


In IT enterprises, different computing needs are provided as a service. The service providers take care of the customers‟ needs by, for example, maintaining software or purchasing expensive hardware. In addition, there are many benefits of using the technology available from cloud service providers, such as access to large-scale, on-demand, flexible computing infrastructures. However, increasing the dependability of cloud computing is important in order for its potential to be realized. Data security is one of the most critical aspects in a cloud computing environment due to the sensitivity and importance of the information stored in the cloud, as is the trustworthiness of the cloud service provider. The risk of malicious insiders in the cloud and the failure of cloud services have received intense attention by cloud users.This paper focuses on issues related to service dependability in order to enhance the data security of multi-cloud computing. Service dependability, which encompasses data output trustworthiness, is one of the important factors in enhancing data security in a multi-cloud computing environment. We apply triple modular redundancy (TMR) techniques with the sequential method into our previously proposed Multi-Cloud Database (MCDB) model to improve the data output trustworthiness of our newly proposed TMR-MCDB model. In addition, the improvement in data trustworthiness enhances data security in our TMR-MCDB model. This paper analyzes the impact of data trustworthiness implementation using the voting technique to evaluate the model performance.

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