Cloud Computing Standardization Initiatives: State of Play

Rajinder Sandhu, Inderver Chana


Cloud computing is an evolutionary paradigm for service delivery in IT industry. Technological evolution and adoption of cloud by reputed companies diverge into development of too many standards. With the wide spread of the technology, these standards cause problems like vendor lock-in, portability, interoperability, preventing the future adoption of cloud computing. Many standardized bodies have developed their own standards but still their adoption is difficult and complex. In this paper, a systematic and comprehensive survey is conducted for finding current standard initiatives by different Standard Development Organizations (SDO), Technical Forums and Government Organizations. Survey is conducted by searching current cloud standards by defining keywords and categorizing result in three categories viz.Arhitecture and Framework, Cloud Management and Cloud Communication. Total 31 standards are studied in the survey. Aim of the survey is to understand standards, their standardization area, and gaps. Recommendations are suggested for development of standards in cloud based on the result of the survey. These recommendations encourage communities to adopt and build common standard by taking consideration from industries and standard development agencies.

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