Prediction of Trustworthiness in the Cloud Computing Environment using Predator-Prey Model

S. B. Dash, H. Saini, T. C. Panda, A. Mishra


In recent years cloud computing is one of the significantly achieved development in the IT industry. Most of the companies are running their applications in the cloud due to the rapid advancement in communication network. Cloud computing is a distributed computing environment that enables the users to access and exchange their resources (applications and data) remotely and provides services to use the remote hardware and software within a network, without the knowledge of technological infrastructure. It gives a platform to use the application in the form of services which is more scalable, reliable, high performance and relatively low cost as compared to other distributed computing infrastructures. Therefore, the cloud computing is a greatest challenge of information system, but the main challenge in the cloud computing is the data security and protection to the users. Therefore, the implementation of the cloud computing architecture must be ensured about the security of its resource nodes. This manuscript describes about a new model based on the Lakota volterra equation known as Predator-Prey Model which predicts the trustworthiness of the cloud. It will basically ensure the degree of the security of resource nodes in a cloud environment which helps to take the decisions about the upgrade of the counter attack measurements.

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