Cloud Immunization and Security for e-Governance Applications

Rama Krushna Das, Manas Ranjan Patra, Ajita Kumar Misro


Different e-Governance applications in India are using Cloud for making the services scalable, stretchable and cost effective. Starting from the IT centres being setup at Panchayat level to the State/National data centres use the Cloud to create a common infrastructure that would be accessible by all. The focus is to enable sharing of resources, ensure security and take technology to the smaller towns and villages. But the major concern is to ensure security. This paper proposes a security solution by using architectural framework, open source products and immunization algorithm. Our interest is to use Artificial Immune System (AIS) with Clonal Selection Algorithm (CLONA) for secure transaction of e-Governance services. The porosed Cloud architecture adopts the learning process and follows security optimization techniques. This technique uses spontaneous action-event transactional state of Cloud Immunization and Security (CIS), defined security services such as Authentication, Firewall and Antivirus. With these technique and services the CIS system is empowered to dynamically determine the best clone and the best antibody. Intruder attacks termed as new antigens when approaches the Cloud, then the cloud system’s antibody known as threat detector follows Hamming Distance calculation to evaluate the threat termed as “affinity”. These affinity alerts and protects the Cloud system through CIS to undertake any kind of future attempt and attacks by the intruders.

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