The Concept of Cloud Computing Services e-health Education

Wiwin Suwarningsih


This paper presented a concept design of the software architecture of health education services in cloud computing. The design of health education services include open consultation with a doctor of preventive measures taken by a patient, the way the first aid accident, illness symptoms and consultation with expert consultation system. Methodology for analysis of the problem is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis. The approach used to build Software as Services is hierarchy data mining. Hierarchy data mining is the method used to distribute facts to multiple servers and integration of data from multiple clusters. Security systems for database and communication system in health education using public key methods. The result of this paper is a cloud computing service architecture concepts to help transformation of technology applications to the cloud with respect to opportunities and risks for development of these applications and the potential benefits of cloud computing services when people in the field of health education achieved.

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