SSAP: Augmentation based Secure Storage Authentication and Privacy System in Cloud Environment

T. Prasath, N. Aravindhu, D. Rampriya


In a cloud storage system storing of data in a third party cloud system that causes serious concern about data confidentiality and in protecting the data via encryption schemes though it provides protection mechanism the functionality of storage system are limited and supports some malicious operations over encrypted data. Developing a cloud based business solution suite for an organization that well equipped with resourceful environment. This suite follows Trusted user verification server that checks for the user authentication to grab the data from the persistence server and some improved schemes such as ISID is facilitated. In this paper we enhance a SSAP (Secure storage authentication and privacy) system that proposes a reencryption scheme that formulates the secure distributed storage system which is named as erasure code-based cloud storage system. The main contribution is the proxy re-encryption scheme which encodes the messages and forwarding operation over encrypted data. There are certain parameters for a number of copies of a message dispatched to storage servers queried by key servers. By using SUV (Straight unsigned verification) scheme the improved secrecy ID (ISID) scheme is addressed at the receiving end. These parameters allow more flexible adjustment between the storage servers and authentication between the two mediators which an ISID scheme that provides efficiency and provable secure system.

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