A Distributed Service and Business Model for Providing Cloud Computing Service

Shreya Bhadra, Tirthankar Gayen


Cloud computing model has enabled IT organizations to serve the users globally. It gives the services like Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service without users being much aware of the details in which the services are provided. As in File Access System Service the users are not aware of the locations of the files in Clouds. File access seems to them as a single coherent file system. Considering this aspect, this paper is concerned with an effective service and cost model for providing Cloud Computing service for writing and compiling source code remotely from any hand held device using the distributed service model. According to this model, for providing a service, the service provider may subsequently use the services of other service providers in the Cloud without the awareness of the client. The cost model effectively evaluates the cost which each client pays to each of its service providers for receiving the services. The model is expected to be mutually beneficial to the client and its service provider. The client is paying only for the service it receives and the service provider only provides the service that is requested by the client .The cost is evaluated based on the kind of service provided. The model is also expected to reduce software piracy to a considerable extent.

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