Virtual Business Collaboration Conceptual Knowledge Model (VBCKM)

Morcous M. Yassa, Hesham A. Hassan, Fatma A. Omara


Within the context of virtual business collaboration modeling, many recent works have been accepted to consider some essential virtual business collaborative models. Practical dynamic virtual organization may be a combination of those models and some other elemental features with some modifications to meet the business opportunity requirements. Therefore, some guidelines and rules are needed to help in constructing a practical collaboration model. This work aims to determine the essential features that must be considered in order to automate the creation of dynamic virtual organization. By integrate “Select-and-Modify” approach with “CommonKADS” methodology, the work of this paper propose a strategy-driven approach for virtual business collaboration modeling construction. Also, some generic knowledge-based components have been designed to support this creation, which can increase the flexibility of the knowledge-based approach facilitates future integration. This paper is considered as integration and extension to the recent work “New Federated Collaborative Networked Organization Model (FCNOM)”, which has proposed an integrated framework that combines the existed collaborative-networked organization perspectives, as well as, proposes new.

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