An Enterprise Cloud Model for Optimizing IT Infrastructure

Rabi Prasad Padhy, Manash Ranjan Patra


In cloud computing, end users are not required to buy software or devices as they are provided by service providers on a rental basis. Cloud Computing is the new IT platform as it promises dramatic reductions in cost and time-to-market due to pay-per-use and scalability. A large number of enterprises are shifting their computing from in-house infrastructure to the cloud infrastructure for optimize their infrastructure. The new-coming generation of employees and customers expect technological proficiency to be part of the customer-centered business models. On their turn, organizations need to apply new forms of cooperation with their employees, customers, suppliers and partners. As the enterprise business system surrounding Cloud Computing develops, it is critical to have a conception of how cloud services pulling, the diverse types of service offerings, and the way those services fit together. To overcome this problem we proposed a service selection layered method for cloud based enterprise. In this paper, we propose an approach to select or pull multiple cloud services from cloud market place for an Enterprise. Our approach provides best service selection process which will suit for an Enterprise’s requirement. This approach also improves governance for the service provider while offering maximum flexibility for the consumers. Our aim is to provide a better understanding of the cloud service selection challenges in a Enterprise cloud computing systems.

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