Efficient Architectural Framework for Cloud Computing

Souvik Pal, Prasant Kumar Pattnaik


Cloud computing is that enables adaptive, favorable and on-demand network access to a collective pool of adjustable and configurable computing physical resources which networks, servers, bandwidth, storage that can be swiftly provisioned and released with negligible supervision endeavor or service provider interaction. From business prospective, the viable achievements of Cloud Computing and recent developments in Grid computing have brought the platform that has introduced virtualization technology into the era of high performance computing. However, clouds are Internet-based concept and try to disguise complexity overhead for end users. Cloud service providers (CSPs) use many structural designs combined with self-service capabilities and ready-to-use facilities for computing resources, which are enabled through network infrastructure especially the internet which is an important consideration. This paper provides an efficient architectural Framework for cloud computing that may lead to better performance and faster access.

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